Did you know what is under the sink water purifier?

No, under the sink water purifier is a great invention in the purifiers for the modern kitchen. This type of purifier is designed to install under the sink area hence the name is under the sink water purifier.

These purifiers are also called, under the counter water purifier.

What are the types of Under Sink Water Purifier:

This purifiers are mainly divides in two types which are Inline Filters and Regular Filters

SR NOParameterInline FiltersRegular Filter
1.Need Seperate TapNoYes
3.CartridgeSingleMore than one

What Will You Need for the Installation of Under Sink Purifier?

Clean Space: You will need empty space below your sink area. This area should be clean and leakage-free. So make sure there is no leakage of your sink or dirt there.

Socket: Need a separate electric socket below the sink area. This purifier needs electricity the same as a wall mount purifier.

Separate Tap: You will get a tap or a faucet with the purifier so you will need a separate hole. Either keep a hole or ask a plumber to do that.

Check These Points Before Buying Under Sink Purifier:

Price- The price of this purifier is the same as RO and UV wall mount purifiers. Go for the trusted brand products and don’t look for the price.

Installation Time and Cost- Consider the cost of the product with installation as its installation may require a large amount.

Filter Life- Every filter needs to change after a certain timespan but look for one that gives at least a year lifespan.

Size – Measure the area below your sink. Check the measurements of purifiers online and choose the correct size.

Cartridge Life- Cartridge of under sink purifier need to change after some time. Some cartridge needs to change after 8 months or some will last longer for 5 years.

Warranty – Always select a purifiers that provides at least 1 year of warranty period.

Benefits of Under the Counter water Purifier:

  • Does Not spoil the look of the Modular kitchen.
  • Prevent frequent spilling of water on the kitchen slab.
  • Required less space under the washbasin.
  • Require Less Maintenance
  • Gives very high water flow due to the hydrostatic tank.
  • It can fill one bottle in only 20 seconds maximum.

Disadvantage of Under the Sink Water Purifier:

There is only one disadvantage of this filter is if you want it to fit in your old kitchen then it will require lots of setups. That may be a tiresome job but if you can adjust that then you will be amazed at the new look of your kitchen.

Who should Buy Under the Conter water purifier?

If you have a modular kitchen or if your thinking to renovate your kitchen then you should definitely go for under the sink water purifier. This will not mess up the look of your modular kitchen.

I hope you like this under the sink water purifier buying guide.

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