Do you know the function of OTG and Microwave?

No, Are you confused about what is best for your kitchen OTG or Microwave? If yes, then here you go, This complete article is to solve your confusion.

OTG and Microwave oven is completely different if we compared both with different parameters. Here is the comparison between OTG and Microwave oven.

OTG VS Microwave Oven:

Sr NoParameterOTG OvenMicrowave Oven
1.Capacity RangeUp to 60 L Up to 35 L
2.Price Low (Affordable)High (Expensive)
3.Power NeededLowHigh
4.Pre-Heating Time
Medium (15-20 Minutes)Very Low (5 Minutes)
5.Cooking Time
6.OperationLittle ConfusingEasy To Understand
7.Auto Cook
Not AvailableAvailable
8. No.of Tray At a TimeTwoonly One
9.Utensils NeededAluminum, glass, siliconPlastic, silicon

we will compare this parameter in detail before that let’s check the functionality of OTG and Microwave oven.

ImageProductPrice on Amazon

Usha OTG OvenMaterial – Stainless Steel

  • Capacity – 19 L to 29 L
  • Warranty – 2 Years
Check Price

Prestige OTG OvenMaterial – Powder coated

  • Capacity – 9 L
  • Warranty – 1 Year
Check Price

Philips OTG OvenMaterial – Cold rolled steel

  • Capacity – 25 L
  • Warranty – 2 Years
Check Price

Bajaj Majesty OTG OvenMaterial – Stainless Steel

  • Capacity – 16 L
  • Warranty – 2 Years
Check Price

AGARO OTG OvenMaterial – Steel

  • Capacity – 9 L to 48 L
  • Warranty – 1 Year
Check Price

Morphy Richards OTG OvenMaterial – ABS

  • Capacity – 24 L to 28 L
  • Warranty – 2 years
Check Price

American Micronic OTG OvenMaterial – Metal

  • Capacity – 36 L
  • Warranty – 2 Years
Check Price

Borosil Prima OTG OvenMaterial – Stainless Steel

  • Capacity – 10 L
  • Warranty – 2 Years
Check Price

Bajaj 22-Litre OTG OvenMaterial – Stainless Steel

  • Capacity – 22 L
  • Warranty – 2 Years
Check Price

Morphy Richards 60 RCSS OTG OvenMaterial – Bamboo-derived rayon

  • Capacity – 40 L to 60 L
  • Warranty – 2 Years
Check Price

Inalsa MasterChef OTG OvenMaterial – Powder Coated CRCA

  • Capacity – 10 L to 46 L
  • Warranty – 2 Years
Check Price

How OTG Oven Works?

There are nickel or chromium coils placed inside an OTG that gets heat up and the heat generated by coils get evenly distributed with the help of fans. Food cooking totally depends on the temperature of the coils.

How Microwave Oven Works?

A microwave oven works on microwave technology. The electromagnetic waves produced by the magnetron rod inside the oven get absorbed by the food, and that heat up the water molecule of food, and that heat finally helped in cooking the food.

Now as you get the basic idea about how OTG and Microwave oven has different functionality. Let’s see the full detail difference between both.

Otg vs Microwave oven which is good for health?

This is a concern of so many of you that if the microwave oven is bad for human health or not? Here is the detail soution,

According to Healthline Experts, not every microwave is harmful to the human body, the waves coming through your oven are just like the radiation through your mobile phone.

The safety precaution you should take while using a microwave oven is that to keep enough distance (1-2 feet) from your oven and make sure your oven door closes properly.

Also, while using OTG make sure you wear a gloves so that your hand will not touch the coils.

All in all both the Otg and microwave are safe for your health with some safety measures.

Capacity Difference:

The OTG ovens are available in different category ranges i.e 10L to 60L. This range of categories can satisfy every size of the family from small to big joined Indian families.

The microwave oven’s capacity range is 10L to 35L maximum. So if you have a very big family of about 7-8 people then you have to make food in two slots.

This range can only be suitable for about 4-5 people max.

Price Difference in OTG Oven and Microwave Oven:

The price range of an OTG oven is ₹2999 to 15000 which is quite affordable. This price range suitable for all class people so even middle-class families can enjoy having an OTG oven in their kitchen.

The Microwave oven price range is ₹10000 to 20000 which is too expensive so one middle-class family has to think twice before buying it.

Difference In Power Consumption Of OTG and Microwave Oven:

An OTG oven consumes 800 w to 1500 w. This is lesser than a microwave oven. The OTG oven consumes less power.

The microwave oven consumes 800 w to 2500 w. The power consumption of microwave oven is comparatively higher than OTG oven.

Pre-Heating Time Required:

Preheating time required for OTG is higher than that of a Microwave oven. As it worked on traditional ways of hot air inside the oven it takes at least 15 minutes preheating time.

A microwave oven required less time to preheat as it directly heats up the water molecules of the food. It requires only 5 minutes of preheating time.

Cooking Time Required:

Just like preheating time an OTG oven requires more time to cook food so it is for those who are always in hurry.

In another hand microwave works fast and it can cook food in very little time hence it is mostly used in the IT company cafeteria.

Which One Easy To Understand OTG or Microwave Oven?

OTG ovens mostly come with three knobs for the timer, heating mode, and temperature. This adjustment of three knobs can be a little confusing at the start.

Whereas microwave ovens come with a touchpad control panel so it can easily understand what button will give you the required results.

Auto Cook Functionality:

In the OTG oven, there is no such functionality as an auto cook. You can prepare food with the help of a food recipe book.

Otherwise, you will have to give hit and trial tests by adjusting all the knob everytime.

Here in the microwave oven you will get auto cook functionality and presets.

Even though you don’t know how much temperature you will need for your recipe the sensor of the oven automatically sets temperature and time once you select the preset.

No. of Trays Can Use At a Time:

The OTG oven has two racks upper and lower. So you can put both together and prepare cupcakes and biscuits at a time in two trays.

The microwave oven has a single disc that rotates inside the oven. So you will have to make more than one slot to prepare a large no of items.

Utensils can be Used in OTG and Microwave:

OTG Oven – Aluminium, glass, silicon which should be non reactive and microwave safe.

Microwave Oven – Utensils you can used in three different modes of microwave.

Solo Microwave safe plastic, glass, silicon.

Grill Only metal Utensils

Convection Glass, metal but no plastic.

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What food OTG and Microwave Can Cook?

Here is the list of foods that can and cannot be prepared using OTG and Microwave oven.

Sr NoFood NameOTGMicrowave Oven
1.Pizza, CakesYesYes
2.Grilled ItemYes Yes
3.Tandoori Chicken, Grill Paneer, KababYesYes
8.Pop CornYesYes

According to my views for an Indian family, an OTG oven is the best option because we mostly have a large family and less budget. If your case is the opposite you can go for the microwave.

I hope above information solved your confusion between OTG and Microwave.

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