You may have decided lots of time to buy one OTG oven for your kitchen but after seeing hundreds of options online you dropped your plan. right?

If this has ever happened to you and you are still confused in choosing the best suitable OTG for your Kitchen. Then, here I come up with the complete OTG buying guide only for my Indian people.

How much space should you keep for the OTG in your kitchen? How much liter is sufficient for your family? Here you will get solutions to all your queries.

6 Tips For Buying OTG in India:

Before buying any OTG oven do the following steps and follow the tips so that you will never regret buying it.

1. Decide Your Requirement:

The very first thing you have to do is to decide your requirement. How to do that?

  • Count the total number of members in the family
  • Decide if you want Rotisserie or not
  • You want oven accessories with it or not

Here is the table that shows what OTG capacity to choose according to family size. Once you count the total number of members in your family then check for the OTG that will have sufficient capacity to serve that number.

Sr NoNo Of Members In FamilyCapacity Of OTG Oven Required
1.2 to 3 Members10 Liter to 19 Liter
2.3 to 6 Members25 Liter to 40 Liter
3.6 and above Members40 Liter to 60 Liter

Rotisserie mechanism used for grilling the chicken and vegetable. The rods rotate inside the oven so that it will get grilled perfectly. So first decide if you want this mechanism or not.

There is some oven that does not provide any accessories like baking tray or rods. So make sure if you need it or not.

2. How Much Kitchen Space OTG Needs

The second most important thing is How much kitchen space the OTG oven will consume. So for that here is the chart that helps you decide How much kitchen space you will need for the Otg oven.

Sr NoCapacity Of OTG OvenApprox. Dimension (L X W X H)
1.10 Liter to 19 Liter33 cm x 29 cm x 44 cm
2.25 Liter to 40 Liter35 cm x 33 cm x 47 cm
3.40 Liter to 60 Liter55 cm x 47 cm x 46 cm

These measurements can vary little as per different brands but this is a rough sketch you can use to keep the space in your kitchen.

Top 11 OTG Oven Brands In India:

If you want to know what are the best brands In India for buying an OTG oven then here is our honest review and comparison between the top 11 popular brands that have the best OTG ovens.

3. OTG Is Not a Microwave Oven:

The most important thing to understand is that the OTG oven is not a microwave oven. Microwave ovens are different which works on microwave technology and hence they are expensive.

OTG works on a different mechanism, here it has rods that get heated, and with the help of air, the food gets warm and cooked slowly.

So, the OTG oven needs a preheating time to attend to the temperature and it takes time to prepare food. Don’t get panic if the food is taking more time to cook.

This is a little difficult to understand for temperature setting, timer, and heating controls but the instruction manual makes the work easy.

4. Check Warranty Period:

This is my bonus tip which is so obvious, Always check for the OTG brands that serve a maximum warranty period.

If in case you face any issue in the future that will all cover into your warranty policy. There are many brands that serve 2 years of warranty period which is more than enough.

5. Power Consumption:

This is again the most important point you should consider. When your OTG is smaller in size it consumes less power and vice versa.

Also, the temperature inside depends on the power of the OTG so if you want OTG for heavy baking then go for the high-power OTG ovens.

6. Weight Of The OTG:

Why you should check this? Because when you receive the product you may feel it as of poor quality.

I have ordered AGARO OTG which is of metal and it is very lightweight so I was in doubt if it’s of poor quality. But I was totally wrong.

Having a lightweight OTG is plus point as we can easily change it’s place any time.

These are my tips for buying OTG. I hope this OTG buying guide helped you find out your oven.

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