Tell me what you prefer mixer grinder vs food processor?

I asked this question because if you read the full article your opinion might get change at the end of this article.

So what is the main difference between a mixer grinder and a food processor?

The very Basic Difference you must know about Mixer and Food Processor is; The Mixxer Grinder is used for Mixing and Grinding where Food Processor can do Mixing, Grinding, Juicing, Atta Kneading, Chopping in One Machine.

Here I have Written A Review on Best Food Processor in India:

Mixer Grinder Vs Food Processor:

If you want to increase your knowledge base about Mixer and Grinder Vs Food Processor; Here is the comparison between a mixer grinder and a food processor with various parameters.

Sr NoParameterMixer GrinderFood Processor
3.AttachmentsTwo or ThreeFour To Six
4.Material Of JarsStainless SteelPolycarbonate, Plastic
5.Material Of BladesStainless SteelStainless Steel
6.Space NeededMediumLarge
7.Motor High SpeedMedium Speed
8.Power NeededLess than Food ProcessorHigher than Mixer Grinder

Let me explain all these points in detail so that you will have a clear idea of what to buy between Mixer Grinder Vs Food Processor for your Indian Kitchen.

1. Size Difference in Mixer Grinder And Food Processor:

Mixer Grinder: Mixer grinder comes with a maximum of 3 attachments and hence it has a compact size as compared to a food processor
Food Processor: Food processor has more than 4 attachments so it comes with a huge body to fit the attachments. Also, the attachments are quite big and wide and hence the size of the food processor becomes huge than the mixer grinder.

2. Prize Difference Between Mixer Grinder & Food Processor :

Mixer Grinder: A good Mixer grinder prize range stats from ₹1000 to ₹15000. You can buy the best mixer grinder in this range.
It is so affordable that everyone can have one for their kitchen.

Food Processor: Food processor ranges starts from ₹3500 to ₹20000 but its quality can differ for the lower prices.
So if you want to buy a good food processor then it would be a little high prize product but can be afforded by a middle-class family.

3. Various Attachments:

Mixer Grinder: The mixer grinder comes with a maximum of 3 jars that can be used for juicing, mixing, chopping, grating, etc.
This jar comes with a stainless steel blade that can be removable sometimes.

Food Processor: The food processor has a minimum of 4 jars and can have more than this.
This jar comes with different blade discs that you can change according to the purpose. The attachment disc can be more than 15.

4. Material Of Jars and Blades:

Mixer Grinder: Mixer grinder mainly has a plastic, ABS, and polycarbonate body. The material of jars is stainless steel whereas its cap is made up of plastic.
The blades of mixer grinders are made up of stainless steel.

Food Processor: The material of the jars of the food processor is mainly made up of polycarbonate.
The blades are of stainless steel material.

5. Mixer Grinder Vs Food Processor | Space Needed in Kitchen:

Mixer Grinder: The mixer grinder comes with fewer attachments so its construction is in a compact size.
You will need a little kitchen space on the slab to keep the mixer grinder.

Food Processor: The food processor has large numbers of attachments and wide jars so its design is big.
This will take a large space in the kitchen but if you have a big kitchen then it is not a problem for you.

6. Motor Used and Power Consumption:

Mixer Grinder: It has a high-speed motor to finely chopped and grate tough things.
It consumes less power in the range of 550 to 750 watts.

Food Processor: It is not compulsory that every food processor comes with a high-speed motor and pulse speed option.
It consumes little high power in the range of 650 to 1000 watts.

Who Should Buy Mixer Grinder?

  • If you have a large family and mostly need to prepare chutney and masala.
  • If you don’t try varieties in the kitchen.
  • If your budget is less.
  • Already Had Blender and Atta kneading machine.
  • Have a very small kitchen space and kitchen slab.

Who Should Buy Food Processor?

  • Want to reduce kitchen efforts.
  • Has enough space in the kitchen.
  • If you are working women and have less time for kitchen work.
  • Don’t want to buy separate blenders and an atta kneading machine.
  • It has wide and huge jars that can prepare smoothies, juice for 5-6 people at a time.

It all depends on your requirement but if you ask me I would prefer a food processor as it is saving my money buying a blender and atta kneading machine.

I think this is enough information to decide Mixer Grinder Vs Food Processor what to buy. I hope your ideas are clear now and you will get the best product in your requirements.

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