What’s your opinoin about Exhaust Fan Vs Kitchen Chimney?

There is always been a confusion in selectiong between exhaust Fan and the Kitchen chimney.

If you are shifting to a new house or planning for kitchen renovation and you are confused about Exhaust Fan vs Kitchen Chimney what to buy then here is the quick solution for you.

Who Should Buy Exhaust Fan

  • Has Less Kitchen Space
  • Do not want to pay More
  • Comfortable in cleaning the fans at the height

Who Should Buy Kitchen Chimney

  • Ready To Pay High Amount
  • Want Clean, Grease-free ceilings
  • Has Comfortably huge space in the kitchen

Let me tell you there is a huge difference in the prices of Exhaust Fan and Kitchen Chimney so if you do not want to spend more money on your kitchen you should go for Exhaust Fan.

Exhaust Fan Vs Kitchen Chimney

Here you will see what is better in Exhaust Fan Vs Kitchen Chimeny by comparing their different parameters plus advantages and disadvantages of individual products.

SRParameterExhaust FanChimney
1.Space Needed30 cm60 cm to 90 cm
2.Installation processEasyTime Consuming
3.Electricity ConsumptionLowHigh
4.Exhaust CapacityMediumHigh
5.CleaningEasily done at homeNot Easy
6.DurabilityDurable (Depends on brand)Durable (depends on cleaning)
7.SafetyHighHigh for auto clean Chimney
8Who should BuyWho is low on budgetWho wants extra clean kitchen for longer time

Exhaust Fan:

exhaust fan


  • Price range 1000 – 2000 rupees
  • Expelled Smoke and spices odor
  • It takes a small space near the kitchen ceiling for installation
  • Consumes less electricity up to 65 watts
  • Easy Installation and operation.
  • Improves indoor air quality to fresh air
  • Can be easily repaired or changed
  • Aways from human reach that increases safety


  • Can not expel the oil and grease into the air.
  • Frequent cleaning is needed.
  • It will make the fan and ceiling oily and greasy.
  • It is a tough job to remove the fan at such a high height.
  • Cleaning grease from the fan becomes time-consuming and frustrating.

Bottom Line:
Exhaust Fan needs cleaning at least once in 2 months. If you can manage the cleaning part then it is the best option at less price.

Kitchen Chimney:

Kitchen chimney


  • Expelled grease and oil along with Smoke and spices odor.
  • No dirty greasy ceiling anymore
  • Auto-cleaning chimney provides safety
  • Maintenance can increase its durability
  • No more greasy dark patches on furniture. It reduces cleaning efforts.
  • Provides a comfortable environment while cooking as it does not allow smoke to spread.


  • High in Prices [ Starts from 10000 ]
  • It needs huge space above the stove
  • Needs High electricity approximately 230w.
  • Installation is a little bit time consuming

Bottom Line:
The chimney price is high but it is like a one-time investment, Your kitchen will be completely free from grease and oil. Reduces repetitive renovation costs for colors and cleaning.

The exhaust fan is a traditional way but now everyone prefers chimney for their modern kitchen as it reduces lots of cleaning efforts.

I hope this article solves your confusion about Exhaust Fan Vs Kitchen Chimney and you have decided what is best for your kitchen.

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